The Certified First Nations Health Manager Program (CFNHMP)


We are now accepting registrations for our fall programming!

Our hybrid courses combine real time online interactive sessions with your instructor and your course mates and the ability to work online. These courses include the high-quality content that our students appreciate in a user-friendly online format. Each course will incorporate an orientation session, online postings, group chats, weekly real time discussion activities led by an experienced instructor, TA sessions, and ongoing guidance from your instructor.

This format offers you the chance to “meet” your instructor and course mates weekly and discuss scenarios and situations collectively and in real time. It also gives you flexibility to work on your online postings, readings and assignments on your own time. No travel time or travel expenses and no time off work required!

The FNHMA offers an educational program leading to the Certified First Nations Health Manager (CFNHM) professional designation. The professional designation is based on five courses in the Certified First Nations Health Manager Program (CFNHMP). The courses are based on building and supporting key competencies; information about each of the courses can be found below. Please note that class 500 is only offered in the spring semester.

This program is for you if you are working in First Nations health management or aspire to a career in this area. Many employers will encourage their employees to enroll in the Certified First Nations Health Managers Program and will assist with the cost of course tuition and annual FNHMA membership dues. Additionally, inquiries related to educational assistance can be made to Indigenous Services Canada and a number of other federal and provincial departments and agencies that promote and support educational activities.

Course length: 12 weeks (1 hour of class time per week)


Course dates:

Course 100: The First Nations Health Landscape

  • September 13 to December 6, 1pm-2pm EST on Tuesdays

Course 200: High Performing Strategic Organizations

  • September 21 to December 14, 1-2pm EST on Wednesdays 

Course 300: Effective Programs and Services

  • September 13 to December 6, 3-4pm EST on Tuesdays

Course 400: Efficient Organizations

  • September 21 to December 14 3-4pm EST on Wednesdays 

Course cost: $1800 members, $2250 non-members (+applicable taxes)


Please note that any registrants for the program will need reliable access to the following:

  • internet
  • computer and/or laptop
  • webcam
  • microphone


The FNHMA promotes and contributes to the advancement of First Nations health management and provides opportunities to share knowledge. The FNHMA offers a certification program leading to the Certified First Nations Health Manager (CFNHM) professional designation. CFNHM is the credential that builds health management capacity for communities. Health managers from across Canada can take advantage of the professional program leading to certification and the CFNHM professional designation. By doing so, they can increase their knowledge of health management and achieve their peak professional growth.


The CFNHM professional designation is supported by the following standards:


If you would like to register for the CFNHM Program, please complete the registration form and submit it to



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