Course 400 – Health Management Services 2


The key topics of this course are: the people of human resource management; the practices of human resource management; meeting management; negotiations and dispute resolution; financial and management accounting; funding and proposals; funding and reporting; technology; information and knowledge management, and; general operations.

January 25, 2021 – April 16, 2021

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Course 400 is the fourth of our five courses and provides health managers with information and knowledge about support services and the resources necessary to develop and deliver health services.

Two of the lessons will address the most valuable resource of any organization – their human capital. The people and practices side of human resource management must operate effectively in order to develop and deliver health services.

Another lesson addresses the importance of meetings. In order for people to get things done, meetings are held to make decisions. To ensure their success, it is critical that key meeting elements come together. When people work together in meetings or otherwise, negotiations have a tendency to occur and conflicts can arise that must be resolved. One of the lessons will address how to move things forward in terms of negotiations and conflict resolution, to help efficiently plan, deliver and evaluate services.

The following lesson will look at financial and management accounting systems to support decision making and accountability. The lessons will also give you an understanding of how to fund activities that people engage in, and teach you how to develop compelling proposals. After proposals have been approved, funding arrangements and reporting requirements must be complied with, and the lessons will cover that as well.

The lessons will also address how technology can be used to track finances and other health services, and to support ease of use and productivity. Technology requires regular attention to support the information and knowledge management needs of your organization.

Finally, the last lesson will look at legal and risk elements that must be considered when developing and delivering services.

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