Course 100 – Health Issues and Systems


The key topics of this course are: history, policy, systems and programs, determinants, epidemiology, health human resources, communities, health governance, health issues and future directions.

January 25, 2021 – April 16, 2021

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Course 100 is the first of our five courses and will provide you with a strong foundation for further learning in the CFNHMP. The lessons will begin by taking you through the relevance of history to the current health status of First Nations communities. The importance of policy-making at national, provincial, regional and community levels is examined.

Learners will then explore how communities are situated within a broader system, and will then be taught to identify the linkages that will create a more effective continuum of care. Other lessons will support the learners’ understanding of accountable governance, and this will be reviewed through a community health lens. Additionally, new strategies are presented to mediate the challenge of recruitment and retention of health human resources in First Nations.

Furthermore, lessons will support a sound understanding of health programs and services, the determinants of health, and epidemiology. This leads to the identification of community needs and the establishment of effective programs and services. The course concludes with a forward-looking perspective that addresses current issues and trends, and what the future should look like.

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