Frequently Asked Questions:

We offer five courses:

  • Course 100 – Health Issues and Systems
  • Course 200 – Leadership and Strategy
  • Course 300 – Health Management Services I
  • Course 400 – Health Management Services II
  • Course 500 – Professionalism, Ethics and Cultural Awareness

There is a full description of learning objectives on our course page. You can take each of these courses in two formats: online courses and/or intensives.

Online courses are solely administered online, and have the benefit of being accessible to anyone comfortable with technology and who has internet access. On the other hand, intensive courses are held in-person in different cities across Canada and have the benefit of face-to-face learning and interactions other classmates. Online courses are offered at set dates throughout the year and intensive courses are delivered in different areas and dates, when an interest arises from 10 or more learners. There is a difference in cost, and also a difference in the timing of course delivery and course work (please see our courses page for more information). That said, please note that the content of online and intensive courses is identical.

If you are a member of the FNHMA, each intensive course is $2300 plus applicable taxes. As a non-member, each intensive course is $2875 plus applicable taxes. If you are a member of the FNHMA, each online course is $750. As a non-member each online course is $925 plus applicable taxes.

Unfortunately, at this time there are no available funding opportunities for education or travel/accommodations (for intensives) with the FNHMA. Please contact us for information on accessing other training dollars.

To participate in intensive courses, you may have to travel to the city in which they are being held. There will be a pre-determined hotel to accommodate you in the location of the intensive, at a negotiated nightly rate. To participate in online courses, there is no travel required, and you participate over our online course module (accessible by internet).

No. There are no in-person meetings for online courses.

You must complete all five courses, as a first step towards the CFNHM designation (unless it is a special case). The whole certification process is described here.

Yes. You can take each individual course in either the online or the intensive format; as long as all 5 courses are completed, that is the first step toward the CFNHM designation. If you are working full-time we do not recommend taking more than one course per semester.

The online course requires between 5-10 hours per week of your time.  While the intensive course requires one full week of course delivery and time to pre-read the course content and time to complete the assignments after the course delivery.

Yes, there are opportunities for extension, please see the policy here.


Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of the program, examination and work experience report. Please see Certification Process for further details.

No. Costs for travel and accommodations are not included in the registration fees.

There is a policy on withdrawal and cancellation of the courses. Please see the information found in the administration policies.